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Néstor Martí Delgado, La Habana, 1973

Néstor Martí is a Cuban photographer based in Havana. Graduated in 1997 from University of Havana with a B.A. Degree in Art History. Between 1993 and 2008 completed studies in photographic techniques, publicity, fashion and journalism. Since his graduation, has been working as a photographer for the Office of the City´s Historian in Havana (Oficina del Historiador de La Ciudad or O.H.C.) where he develops an extensive profile, covering photojournalism, architectural and patrimonial photography, urban skyline and portrait. His work illustrates numerous books and other publications of Boloña a publisher of O.H.C. He collaborates with other other publisher such as Arte Cubano (Cuban Art) and I.C.L. (Cuban Institute for the book) as well as Recording Studios EGREM and Bismusic.
In parallel to his professional work, he develops his own personal area participating in collective and personal Art shows and in prestigious institutes for the photographic art, in Cuba and abroad. He is an active member of UNEAC (National Union of Writers and Artists), and the ACCS (Social Advertising Association). His work reaches private collections in Cuba, France, Mexico, Holland, Spain, Argentina and the U.S.
In 2011 he publish his book: Old Havana / La Habana Vieja: spirit of the living city/espíritu de la ciudad viva (Alabama University Press). In 2014 he publish: Havana Modern, 20th Century architecture and interiors (Rizzoli). Part of his work reach the antologies: La Seducción de la Mirada: Fotografía del cuerpo en Cuba (The Seduction of the look: photography of the body in Cuba)  by Rafael Acosta and The Light In The Cuban Eyes, by Madeleine Plonsker, recently exhibited at the Robert Mann Gallery and at The AIPAD Photography Show, NYC.