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  • An Unlikely Pair Pictures Havana

By: Debbie Elliott

Nestor Marti, 38, is a photojournalist in Cuba's bustling capital. Chip Cooper, 60, is known for artistic, composed shots of the Alabama countryside. Both of them typically work alone, but for the past two years they've had the rare opportunity to work as a team, walking the narrow streets and wide plazas of Old Havana.

  • interview w. Cuban photographer Nestor Marti

By: Alabama Public Radio

Tuscaloosa, AL – A joint US-Cuban photographic exhibition has opened in Havana, Cuba. It features the work Alabamian Chip Cooper and Cuban Nestor Marti (Nes-ter Mar-TEE). They spoke with Alabama Public Radio's Brett Tannehill by telephone from Havana. Nester Marti says when the exhibition opens at the University of Alabama this fall, he hopes it will show the true colors of the Cuban people ...

  • Photos: Exhibit allows a glimpse at Cuba, forbidden to Americans for so long

By: Victoria Fleischer

Plonkser first visited Havana in 2002 on a People-to-People tour of Cuban art, a trip that profoundly affected her. She wandered into an open air contemporary photography shop and, after purchasing a print, was directed across the plaza to the only photography gallery in Havana at the time. Soon she was connected with Ramirez who introduced to her photographers throughout the bustling city.



The incredible modern architecture of Havana

Havana-based photographer Néstor Martí has supplied the book’s stunning images, which capture the best examples of each period... As Martí’s photos show, the legacy of this era is in many cases well preserved... Havana Modern serves as an important record of this period, and the photos that follow are just a brief glimpse of a rich cultural heritage.