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In – Out

This installation revolves around a reflection about our relation with the things around us. The relation between the I and the Other that have changed so much in comparison to passed times. This new way of comunication between the desires and its goals, between the power and the desired, almost completely surrounds all of our actions in the contemporary world, creating artifacts that reinforces and are symbols of this relationship.

The subject of this photographic installation is related to the dependence of the contemporary human being to the artifacts he created as mediating tools and the electronics in his habitad. This relation subject-object that at times can subvert is the key of this artwork; of a created instrument in favor of comfort that can become a dependency, is a game in a dark place of the mind where freedom, separation and distance are evocated by means of a technological artifact, but where we become prey of our own desires and the toy that we created. A game where roles are interchanged. We have as much control as we have dependance of it, the artifact having as much power over us as we have of it.